22-Jan-2019New Brunswick, NJ+17 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a gaming controller for my PC. I can use any old controller like an old XBOX 360/ PS3 controller, a newer version of these 2 controllers or an offrband version. I would like the controller to be wired however as my computer does not support bluetooth.
I am looking for a gerbil or two. I have experience with hamsters. Please let me know if you have a litter of gerbils or older gerbils for adoption. I have a large fish-tank and a medium cage with all the accessories leftover from raising my hamsters. I do not own snakes and I am a grownup. I will give them good care and attention.
22-Jan-2019Somerville, NJ+15 milesItems Wanted
Anyone growing a weeping Mulberry tree? Super interested in propagating via cutting. If you have it and don't mind me cutting a small branch of it, it would be appreciated!
Doesn t matter condition as long as solid wood. Thank you in advance.
If anybody has one in good usable condition and no longer needs it, I'd gladly take it. Thank you!
21-Jan-2019Bordentown, NJ+14 milesItems Wanted
I am in need of an electric dryer Also if you received new appliance for gift and wish to recycle a gas stove as my oven no longer works just top burners
21-Jan-2019Bordentown, NJ+14 milesItems Wanted
Looking for cotton fabric for making children's surgical gowns to be donated to the local hospital. Since the aim is to delight the children and relieve tension, the best fabrics would be child appropriate prints - cartoon characters, animals, sports, or bright, lively prints. One yard minimum size and no flannel, please.
I need a computer or a good working compute. I have small dell monitor being disabled and fixed income it hard go out to libraries to do letters or buy new or fix m y old laptops. I have 3 broken laptops all are windows 7 and windows 8 they all need new video cards
If you know anyone who received appliance for gift or bought house and needs to get rid of I desperately need Electric Dryer Being I am old disabled and it hard for me to go laundramats Also my stand alone Gas Stove only the top works it 18 years old it be ni cd e to be able to bake again
20-Jan-2019Somerville, NJ+15 milesItems Wanted
Needed in Quailbrook preferred clean, queen size split box spring or Wood slat platform. Alternate, clean low profile box spring. If you have one you want to adopt out i can give it a good home.
20-Jan-2019Somerville, NJ+15 milesItems Wanted
Looking for an old car bench seat as a prop for a play. Doesn't have to be in good shape - just enough that people can sit on it (no bugs, please! :-) ) Will pick up quickly in the area....thanks in advance!
This group has been wonderful to everyone in Monty. I m hoping someone out there can help me. I m in need of a different dog crate. Currently my dog is in a large crate. This seems to give him enough room. But I don t think he likes the change. He use to have a extra large crate which I got rid of after downsizing. My fault I guess. Was trying to give more space in the room. So I m reaching out...