12 hours agoLevittown, PA+17 milesItems Wanted
Hi I m looking for Christmas tree or may some Christmas lights.
15-Nov-2018Levittown, PA+17 milesItems Wanted
Seeking a queen size bed frame..... just need something like the simple metal angle kind. Thank you!
14-Nov-2018Levittown, PA+17 milesItems Wanted
I have 6 children and am in need of 2 bunk beds. Thank you in advance.
14-Nov-2018Levittown, PA+17 milesItems Wanted
I'd like to find a device, with or without a radio, to listen to my iPod nano. Please contact me if you have one to give. Thanks
14-Nov-2018Levittown, PA+17 milesItems Wanted
I'd like to find a 32" or smaller flat panel or tube tv that has connections for an antenna to digital converter box. Thanks.
10-Nov-2018Levittown, PA+17 milesItems Wanted
My heater is not working. Thank you.
10-Nov-2018Levittown, PA+17 milesItems Wanted
Looking for French textbook and study guides. Thank you.
1-Nov-2018Levittown, PA+17 milesItems Wanted
Need a wheelchair for six weeks. Does anyone have one I could borrow? Would need a leg support since can't bend knee. Thank you.
31-Oct-2018Levittown, PA+17 milesItems Wanted
My dryer - family of 6 really could use one that works It heats up and stops was serviced - took out vent & vacuum, took apart checked all sensors, switches, heat elements and Timer tested unplug and again after runs 5 minutes stops retest. All tests good. Adults disabled and difficult to cart wet clothes with baby to laundramats. Heats up
30-Oct-2018Levittown, PA+17 milesItems Wanted
We are looking for small rv trailer or a popup camper trailer
25-Oct-2018Levittown, PA+17 milesItems Wanted
Movers are coming on nov 26, if you have any boxes with lids, we would so appreciate it. Our house contents will be stored by the moving company for a couple weeks. but they dont allow open boxes.. Thank you in advance.
24-Oct-2018Levittown, PA+17 milesItems Wanted
Disabled grandmother needs a sturdy chair on wheels to move around her small bedroom to various locations.
24-Oct-2018Levittown, PA+17 milesItems Wanted
Looking for books, movies, games and music donations (CD or record) for a senior center in Trenton.
7-Jul-2013Middlesex, NJ+19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a Teletype Model 4350 series tape punch/reader. Also interested in the Model 43 (or 42), Teletype machine, and older Teletype equipment. These machines are also called Teleprinter and teletypewriter.
Are you thinking of throwing out that old or "non working" computer, Laptop, or LCD monitor? ...WAIT! I can use it! ...Instead of taking it to a recycling center I will come and take it off your hands. If it's free and you were going to throw it away anyway, call me and I will come and pick it up. (No CRT monitors please.) I do not buy old or used computers or monitors. Princeton/Plainsb...
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